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Civic 16' (Manual) w/FTX64 2W - Ready mode no longer saving my dashboard preferences

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I Have a Honda Civic 2016 (Manual). I bought an aftermarket remote starter in 2019. The controller is an FTX64 2W.

I used it without issues up until this winter. I would stop the car, leav it in neutral put the park brake on, and then press the ON button on the controller to start the Ready Mode. With the exception of the rear-window defroster which never worked, any preferences that I had on my dashboard would turn on when I activated the remote start later on (seat heaters, front window defroster, temperature, etc).

This winter I noticed that when I get out of the car after activating my ready mode (after about 3-5s) the remote emits a red light and makes the descending noise (same on as if I remote stopped the car). When I then remote start the car, it will turn on, but none of the preferences on my dashboard will be on (cold seats, no defroster, no temperature, etc).

The only thing that has changed is that one of the remotes (I have two) is dead. I will be replacing the batteries this week and trying that one out too.

Anyone know what could be causing this? As I said, it worked well up until this winter and then stopped out of nowhere.
asked Feb 14 in Honda by Pedro Blair-Jimenez (130 points)

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