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Mazda 3 5dr (hatchback), Manual Transmission, RFID in keyfob.

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Vehicle type:
2011 Mazda 3 (5 door/hatchback), manual transmission, key to start. Integrated key/keyfob (lock,unlock,panic), keyless entry w/RFID chip for factory immobilizer system.
Remote Starter, Factory Immobilizer bypass, OEM keyfob (lock-lock-lock to start), alarm functionality optional at a later date.
Ready to install Evo-One, Flash-Link and RFK442.
Few problems so far (have not started install yet or any flashing of Evo-One vehicle specific Bypass settings):
   I see a conflict between Fortin wiring guide #80431 and #29661. Same vehicle, Mazda 3 - Axela 2010-2013, but two different wiring schemes.  Which one is the more correct one, or, can you suggest a better one?
   On Fortins website, for this vehicle it states 'Automatic Transmission Vehicles Only'  In Guide #80431, pg 5, it gives Manual Transmission programming instructions as does with Guide #29661 pg6, both of which conflicts with Fortins webpage.. 
   With Flash-Link v4.51, when entering vehicle info, there is NO option for Manual Transmission.
   In Guide #94011, pg11 (Function #20) Engine Supervision: Tachless, Analog or Data-Link.
I see there is no option for a true Analog input; i.e Vacuum switch, or hardwire to coil (or even a much older method of wraping 6in of stripped wire around a spark plug wire). Is there not a true analog tach input?
   I also cannot seem to anything at all about 'clutch bypass'
So, Manual Transmission? Yes or No? 
   For the Flash-Link Manager software, the v4.51 does not reflect the instructions I found for possibly older software instructions of Flash-Link Manager User Guide v1 #68731, any updated Guide #?
Flash-Link Manager software v4.51 (when I click on Settings in the software it shows v4.51-1.1.15)
Flash-Link V4 module, Hardware V5, Firmware v4.08
Evo-One module date 07/2021, s/n (PM me for serial number), Firmware: for a moment it showed v1.25 then within a few seconds dropped down to v1.01
Thanks, Nick.
asked Feb 11 in Mazda by Nick Johnston (130 points)

1 Answer

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No manual transmission as there is no Canbus system for this car, it will be dangerous. for automatic it uses tachless sensing.

You can use evo-all with a third party remote starter that supports manual transmission. this is the guide:


Your clutch bypass is purple color at clutch switch.
answered Feb 11 by Haidar Jabbar (21,370 points)


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