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Force seat heater and aux input on

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Hi, I have and Mazda3 2019 (with push start and presence key) and installed an Evo One + Thar-One-Maz5 + Evo Start2.

I've connected the auxiliary output on a relay to activate the windshield heater and rear window defog (in the mazda3 both are activated together with a ground signal). Its supposed to ground the yellow/black wire when the seat/driving wheel heaters are activated right?

I was not able to test it yet, my car stays in a heated garage and if i understood correctly the evo one uses the internal temperature sensed by the module to activate or not the seat and driving wheel heaters (and the auxiliary signal). So the car doesn't stay parked out for long enough to get so cold inside. 

If i use the defrost button in the app, will it bypass the temperature control and activate the headers/auxiliary signal? If not, is it possible to change config to manually control those? 



asked Feb 10 in Mazda by Dionei Miodutzki (160 points)

1 Answer

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yellow/black will provide negatibe output. You can chose to have it either pulsed or latched. you can configure it on the evo one from the remote starter side.

your rear defroster is latched negative "brown color" at the BCM white plug 32 pin, pin number 7.
answered Feb 11 by Haidar Jabbar (21,370 points)


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