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2009 Honda Accord remote start doesn't works.

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Hi there. I used the suggested settings using flash manager and followed instructions on connecting to vehicle and car will not remote start with OEM key (3x). Red light blinking when car is armed and blue lights blink when i hit the lock key each time and nothing starts. Evo One S/N: 002B04243570, Firmware: 73.38. Option 38.2 Enabled. Option C1 Enabled. Regular installation wire to wire conection, automatic transmission. Thanks you in advance.

PD: OEM Alarm doesnt works. The client told me before I installed the remote start in his car, that the alarm worked before, but it no longer works. Can the malfunction of the factory alarm interfere with the EVO ONE? When I press the lock, the horn doesn't work either.  I used the key on the door to lock, unlock, and lock again. So I activate and deactivate the alarm but neither the alarm nor the remote start works either. Check the fuses but not the relays.

closed with the note: Fixed
asked Feb 3 in Honda by Munito (910 points)
closed 8 hours ago by Munito


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