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RAM Classic Ignition turns on then off when attempting to start

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2021 RAM Classic Gas Push-to-start

EVO ALL Stand alone S/N 001A07347809


Properly programmed and connected. Turns the igniton on for a few second then turns off with no crank. It does everything except cranking the engine. I have tried reset, rolled back firmware, reprogramming the module a few times....everything except hardwiring. It even shut off the engine with 3 button press.
asked Jan 29, 2022 in Ram by Edwin Jaime (200 points)
edited Jan 29, 2022 by Edwin Jaime

1 Answer

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Please verify that the "foot brake" connection was done correctly
answered Jan 31, 2022 by JM (61,780 points)
selected Jan 31, 2022 by Edwin Jaime
THANK YOU!! That was the issue. Another question, is the yellow light supposed to stay on?? Since I have an intelligent key do I still need to press the stop/start button??
Yellow will be on whenever ignition is On.


For the takeover process, as long as the module sees an unlock signal, simply get into the car and press the brake. No need to press the PTS button.