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Why a flashing red led during programming of EVO-FORT2 on 2013 Ford Fusion with flip key.

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Installing Evo RS standalone with thar- for2 harness following guide 97281. Installed firmware 71.52 and set options using flash-link. All required wire connections completed and tested. While key bypass programming led glitch noted in step 6 (red led does not go off then back on). Step 7 works per guide. In step 8 blue led does not flash rapidly and red and yellow led do not alternate flash, only red flashes in one second interval. Module continues flashing red led indefinately. D-Criptor gives incomplete data error.
asked Jan 26, 2022 in Ford by karen Thibault (130 points)

1 Answer

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RED flash at the end can be many possibilites and revolves around not reading key data. Here are some tips

  • 20-pin connector. Make sure purple/yellow is connect to yellow
  • Instead of placing the key in fron of the barrel, insert it but do not actually turn it on
  • downgrade firmware to 71.51 then try again
answered Jan 26, 2022 by Robert T (284,540 points)