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Connecting ACC from Alarm to EvoAll-TharCHR5 Wrangler

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I have installed on my Wrangler 07 a PKE  EasyGuard EC002 with a Push button Start and Hard Wired to EvoAll-TharCHRT5, I got everything work but ACC mode.

I didnt know where to connect my ACCesory + Output from my Alarm to EvoAll and chose wire to Lose Yellow wire on Thar-CHR5 harness.

But when I select ACCesory mode on push start button  (1 click no foot on brake) the car goes directly on RUN mode, which I guess is because I wired to the Yellow Wire which is RUN mode and not ACC.

In wiring information of Wrangler 07, it use a single MUX cable to send the signal of ACC and START, according with that, to get ACC Mode it has to Ground wire throught a 560 resistor and a 150 ohms resistor to START

So I guess I have to use a relay to convert the ACC + mode to ground plus the 560 resistor and maybe the MUX Green/Red Cable (A18)?

How can wire my ACC output from Alarm to EVO to set the ACC Mode the right way?

asked Jan 25, 2022 in Jeep by PEDRO CASTILLO (150 points)

1 Answer

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The evo-chrt5  was deisgned for remote start.


To my knowledge the evo-all has no input for accessory mode.

Often times with after market pts system you run into configuration issues like this.
answered Jan 25, 2022 by derek ! (285,690 points)