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2012 Dodge Ram problem to start.

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Apparently everything is installed and well configured. Evo All module was used and 
to start the OEM key with 3 x lock. The client tells me that when the cold is very severe, 
he has to repeat the 3 x lock sequence more than 2 times and on the third attempt 
he manages to start the engine. He tells me that the engine does as if it were going 
to start but it does not start. It is GAS, do not DIESEL. What could be wrong here or 
what could be the possible problem to be fixed or could be the battery? 
Thanks in advance. 
asked Jan 20 in Dodge by Munito (910 points)
edited Jan 21 by Munito

1 Answer

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Would need a little more info, s/n to the module? Do the parking lights flash when it fails to start indicating an error code? What all is installed along with the evo all?
answered Jan 21 by derek ! (277,310 points)
selected Jan 25 by Munito
I just felt the problem with my hands. While the car is warm, it turns on and off properly. Once you turn it off and wait for it to cool down, when you try to turn it on again it does 1 false glicht to start and then starts up. There are no error indicator lights. The module number is, SN: 001A07283959. The car battery has 4 years of exploitation. Once it manages to turn on, it does not present any more ignition errors. You can turn it off and on without any problem. I really have the doubt if it is because of the winter and the old battery.
I would suggest getting a proper load test done on the battery to ensure that is not the root cause of your issue.


You could also try turning on option D1.11 crank 20S to see if that will make a change on the first failed start attempt.
Done. Battery replaced and option D1.11 modified. Extensive testing was done and it did not fail again. Fixed issue. Thanks you so much.


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