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Help with parking light and horn connection.

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Hello community. I am working on a 2009 Nissan Frontier but I have two problems.

1 - I can't find the parking light connector since this model doesn't have a 
Down Hill Assist Button. What other alternative could I take?


2 - In what cable of the evo one, can I make the connection of the Horn since it does 
not appear in any of the diagrams?




I am using EVO-ONE and RFK 411


Thanks you so much.

asked Jan 20, 2022 in Nissan by Munito (1,190 points)
edited Jan 20, 2022 by Munito

1 Answer

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orange/black is the (-)horn output


Parking lights (+) can be found in the driver kick panel 8pin connector near the OBD plug.

It can also be found at the electric brake pre-wiring near ign switch, white 6 pin plug, pin 4
answered Jan 20, 2022 by Robert T (284,630 points)
selected Jan 20, 2022 by Munito
Done! Thanks you so much.