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To program your carlink,
  1. make sure to follow their instructions on how to connect it to the EVO-ALL or EVO-ONE using their own HRN-LLRS-01 harness
  2. setup the app for fortin
  3. follow programming in car

Here is a copy of their guide. Please read attentively every step of programming since their is setup in the app you must first do. https://fortin.ca/download/64631/ascl6-install-guide-64631.pdf

EVO-ONE Programming
Following the RED LED on the BACK of the unit, not the one on top.
  1. Igniton ON-OFF-ON  (red led on evo will turn on solid)
  2. Hit brake 4 times (red led will flash on each brake press)
  3. At this point wait 10 seconds then shut off the car.


EVO-ALL Programming

Please first try the EVO-ONE. It was added to the EVO-ALL firmwares. 

Otherwise, this older method is still functional.

  1. Disconnect the 20-pin connector
  2. Disconnect the 4-pin black connector
  3. Press and Hold programming while inserting 4 pin connector. 
  4. Release when the LEDs are BLUE and RED
  5. Press and HOLD programming button, wait until the BLUE and RED LEDs turn and then BACK ON. Release when they turn back ON.
  6. Plug in 20-pin connector
  7. Turn ignition ON, all three LEDS will turn ON
  8. Wait 10 seconds, then turn off ignition. 
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