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Why is Yellow light on module is not coming on when ignition is on?

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2006 4runner. Evo was successfully updated with the firmware updater. Wires were ran as per the diagram on wirescolor.com. Evo one module was successfully program (10x red light flashes). When I turn the ignition on to program the Carlink rf kit the yellow light on the Evo one does not light up when I turn the key to that position. I unplugged the main 6pin harness and checked for 12v on the big pink wire (good). I traced back all the wires and they are all connected per the diagram. Also the main 6 pin harness is the plug and play harness Toy1 t-harness.
asked Jan 14, 2022 in Toyota by Jose Quinones (200 points)

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yellow will not turn on when CAN-BUS is not programmed, it is normal you will not see it since the module is not connected to CAN on this vehicle.


To program your carlink,

1- make sure to follow their instructions on how to connect it to the EVO using their own HRN-LLRS-01 harness

2- setup the app for fortin

3- follow programming in car


Following the RED LED on the BACK of the unit, not the one on top.

  1. Igniton ON-OFF-ON  (red led on evo will turn on solid)
  2. Hit brake 4 times (red led will flash on each brake press)
  3. At this point wait 10 seconds then shut off the car.
answered Jan 14, 2022 by Robert T (284,630 points)
selected Jan 17, 2022 by derek !
After applying your comments. The carlink and module are functioning well. Thanks