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I am trying to install a Evo One on my 2004 Pontiac Vibe. It dose not have a transponder and i can not seem to get it work under the no vehicle specific install through the update software. What is the best firmware to use since there is none listed for the Vibe till 2008?
in Pontiac by matthew haney (170 points)

2 Answers

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This vehicle does NOT require an external bypass module.


Flash Remote Starter 1.25. Use the Remote Starter Side of (Evo One) to wires your car. Dont touch the Bypass side. Also chose option 20.2 for Tachless in the Remote starter Side.

  • You need 12+, ignition, Starter, Accessory wires on the ignition plug.
  • Lock, Unlock, Disarm, Alam, door triggers , all these at driver kick.
  • Parking light negative at headlight switch.



by Haidar Jabbar (20.9k points)
I have connected all the above wires where they need to go. When i go to put the evo all to program the blue LED comes on. Put the key to run and the LED goes off and never flashes. All connections are wire to wire with no connectors.
theres no programming to do. Just plug in the unit and program the RF-Kit


Theres also no vehicle specific install guide for this car since it has no support via data or can-bus. Must use the generic evo-one guide. Dont forget to wire the brake.
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we spoke via the phone.


Just wanted to update this for anyone looking in the future.


- master reset starter, set option 20.2, pair remotes, car starts and runs.


Underlying issue was a connection problem or so it appeared at the time with the brake wire on the evo.


Glad we got it sorted together.


Best Regards.
by Derek (263k points)
Thank you again for the help. Definitely came in handy in finding what the problem was.