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2013 Ford Fiesta Evo All with THOR-For1 T-harness will not Activate/Respond when remote start attempted using OEM 3Xlock

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2013 Ford Fiesta Evo-All with THOR-For1 T-harness will not Activate/Respond when remote start attempted using OEM 3X lock

One OEM key

Wiring completed per Instalation Guide #58161

Decryptor programed per process outlined starting Page 8 of Guide #58161 for one OEM key

When completing steps 1 to 9 all lights correctly match the Guide #58161 with step 9 flashing blue and then to Step 10 alternating Flashing Red to Yellow when key turned off

Completed Steps 11 to 13 using Flashlink Dispalys successfully Programed

When reconnected to wiring harnesses and perform 3x lock on OEM Key there is no response of any kind from Remote start..

All wiring have been confirmed to be correct per Guide #58161  

With ignion key off and key out there are no lights displayed on the Evo-All

When engine is running with key the Yellow Evo-All light is dispalyed solid
asked Jan 5, 2022 in Ford by Gdrover (400 points)

2 Answers

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What is the S/N number on the back of the unit please.
answered Jan 5, 2022 by derek ! (284,720 points)

S/N 001A07321575

Additional info is that No lights flas on modual when 3Xlock is activated

Park lights flasf 2 times on every When ever Lock is depressed on the OEM Key

Solid Yellow light is displayed on module when Engine is running with key in ignition

"Additional info is that No lights flas on modual when 3Xlock is activated"


- when pressing lock the blue led on the evo does not flash?


What happens if you ground yellow/black on the 20 pin connector of the evo?

Correct, When pressing lock the blue light does NOT flash.

Grounded yellow/black wire, Pin A13 on 20 pin connector

No change in remote response.

Still no lights on module when pressing 3x lock
If the car does not start when grounding yellow/black please enable option D1.
Currently D1.10 is activated

To clarify your instructions,

Wouldyou like D1.10 turned off and D1.1 Activated
D1 on.


Once that is on repeat the test with grounding the yellow/black on the 20 pin and let me know the result.
The remote is now working. Thank you for your support

I had No success when D1.1 was activated with yellow/black on 20 pin grounded

The solution was to repeat the one key program procedue with yellow/black wire on 20 pin grounded. Once key transfer was completed the remote start now works correctly

Note: Information that may help others with same issue.

Guide #58161 does NOT indicate that wire Yellow/black, Pin A13 on 20 Pin connector should be grounded. The guide indicatres that it is for Start/Stop external control but does NOT show it being a ground

When I intially performed the one key programing the yellow/black was NOT grounded and on step 9 the blue light would flash rapidly as described in the guide but only for a short period and then with no action from installer it would turn to alternating Red and yellow before the key was turned to off position.

On the second attempt to program the ignition was turned off as soon as the blue light started the rapid flash and the lights turned Alternating Red Yellow.

When the module was connected to FLash Link updater it performs the key copy and displays a Key transfer successful message. However, it appears that the key transfer was sucessful
New Problem with this Unit,  Should I start a newtrouble  ticket???

The unit has the yello/black on 20 pin connector grounded and is programed to use lock/unlock/lock sequence per previous instructions.

The current problem is that with the Yellow/Black wire on the 20 pin connector grounded the EVO-ALL performs as expected untill you exit the vehicle after driving and you lock the doors using the 1xlock on the OEM Key. Then as you walk away from the vehicle the Evo-All starts the vehicle on its own. Once this occurs the vehicle can be shut down using the lock/unlock/lock sequence.

I have tried exiting the vehicle with the brake peddle depressed while using the door handle to unlock the vehicle on exit. which should disengage the Evo-All. Hoewever, the vehicle still starts once you lock the doors using the1xlock with the OEM key.
Yellow/black shouldnt be grounded.... It was only mentionned as a test to see if the unit was in stand alone mode and also programmed.

Enable Lock-unlock-lock instead of 3xlcok on that fiesta. Its common that 1 press of lock is monitored as 3. Doing L-U-L solves that.
The unit is already set to lock/unlock/lock.

The Yellow / black has been removed from ground (ungrounded) with no change.

Unit still starts with 1xlock on OEM key after driving vehicle.
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make sure option D1.10 and option C1 are on.
answered Jan 5, 2022 by Haidar Jabbar (21,840 points)
Confirmed that D1.10 and C1 are on