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Is there a difference in the T-Harness or wiring of a 2011 Q5 2.0L PTS vs Keyport

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I'm looking to install a Fortin T-harness and Evo-One into a 2011 Audi Q5.  The dealer told me that idata has different wiring diagrams for  the Push to start with the keyport (key just has to be in the vehicle, but the keyport is a great place to keep it) and the standard keyport.  Fortin only has one listed.  I wanted to make sure the Fortin T-harness AuDT-1was correct, but I won't get the activation key to see until I get it so I can't check for myself.

For information sake it is the 2.0 litre Turbo Direct
Enjec-tion - gasoline - so the TDI can get confusing! (Turbo Diesel and I know how to spell but safe search is maybe getting a bit carried away!)

Thanks to anyone that can help !


asked Dec 23, 2021 in Audi by Lorne Howlett (130 points)
edited Dec 27, 2021 by Lorne Howlett

1 Answer

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Same install on Fortins end. Install guide is on fortin.ca  https://fortin.ca/download/77141/evo-one_ig_thr_bi_aud1-a4-a5-q5-s4-s5_2015_pts_a_77141.pdf


When programming, it needs to be done with the keport and not the PTS.
answered Dec 28, 2021 by Robert T (284,490 points)
Thanks.  I just wanted to double check as my dealer wasn't sure.  Install went super smooth - Thanks!


In case it helps anyone else the 2 com wires are also located behind the drivers side kick plate on the red plug.  This allows them to be removed from the plug so shrink tube can be applied without cutting the wires