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2014 ram 1500 evo all chr7 install issues

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Ok so not long ago i bought my first evo-all for my truck with a t-harness and intalled/programed everything myself with zero issues and it has been awesome. A few days ago a co-worker came to me and asked me to install the same kit on his truck which just so happened to be the same model and year as my truck so i agreed know it should be a simple deal.

Unfortunatly after the install I have been chasing issue and having problems the constantly. It started with a problem were the truck would intermittently begin to start with the command start and crank for 1 second then suddenly stop with no error lights. I tried to fix this assuming the yellow postive wires connection was bad or loose so I soldered the joint, heat shrinked it and taped it up to make sure it was secure. i tested it after that and had three succesfull starts in a row.

The next morning my coworker came to me and said it did the same thing were it tried to start for 1 second and then stopped. I went back in and varified all the connections and made damn sure my soldered joint was good. I then attempted to reflash the module and reload everything and now when i get to step 8 were you enter the key for the second time and then turn it to run and it should go from red and blue to blue flashing, it just goes to no lights at all. I tried this twice with no success so i continued on and dcrypted the module and tried to start the truck and the module doesnt sense the key.Im at a loss, can you help?
asked Dec 22, 2021 in Ram by Dylan Martin (150 points)

1 Answer

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First you will have to solve the why it is not programming:

  • yellow wire is only an input to detect ignition. Test it directly at the evo to confirm that it receives 12V when the key is on. 
  • Sounds like maybe the CAN-BUS is the problem though,  Test both the grey and grey/black of the EVO 5 pin white connector with the key-on. Each wire should read approximately 2.X Vdc with the key on.

After confirming the above, RESET the EVO and redo the programming.: https://fortin.ca/en/qa/50193/faq-how-do-i-reset-my-evo-all?show=50193#q50193

My only suggestions afterwards, if you still get a 1s crank, turn on manually option D1.11 - 20s crank. If it still does the same, flash version 0.37. 

answered Dec 22, 2021 by Robert T (285,980 points)
Thanks for the tip on the d1.11, I did have it enabled during all of this but i still appreciate the advice. I will verify the above as described, reset and reflashed the unit and try again and get back to you if it still has issues.
So I finally got around to checking on everything and I am getting 12v from the yellow wire with the key on. I also checked the can high and low and on either i get anywhere from .8-2.0v with the key on, i tried a couple different data ports and got the same results.

I went ahead and reflashed the unit and redid the install and I was able to get it to recognize and program successfully. I was also able to sync the rfk411 remote kit that we had (hoping that using these remotes vs oem would maybe help).

I tried command starting it again and it still only works about 50-75%, amd when it doesn't it does the same thing as before were it tries to crank for 2 seconds and then stops, I did notice that now the red light flashes 3 times indicating a tach signal issue but i had no idea where to go from there.

Any advice?
Flash 0.37

Dont reprogram, just plug it back in and try it out.


Also, does this truck require that you actually hold the key in crank for it to start vs simply giving it a nudge and she fires up all by herself?
Flashed to the .37 firmware, I tried it twice and once it did the same thing, crank for a second then stop but it did start on the second attempt the first time. I then shut it down and tried again and It worked. I will have my coworker try it out for a bit and see how it goes.

We also comfirmed that his does require you to hold the key in the start position the whole time to get it to start, not just turning it over once and letting it crank itself like others i have driven.
My coworker came to me again and said it still only works half the time. Is there anything else that can be done? We are at a loss and the item is not returnable to the vendor so if we cant get it to work then the whole thing is a wash.