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cant get a steady blue light on evo one ram promaster

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evo one ram promaster 2020 no solid blue light.  checked all wires for connectios they are good.  Looking at the wire color info and it shows that there is a second 12+(2)  connection but the install guide ony show to 2017.  Are there two 12+ connections or not.
asked Dec 21, 2021 in Ram by Charles Smyth (150 points)
edited Dec 22, 2021 by Charles Smyth

1 Answer

+1 vote
what is the 12 digit s/n of the module?
answered Dec 22, 2021 by Robert T (275,350 points)
you'll need to first flash your module as it is not setup for that vehicle yet.
updated firmware and trying to go thru the key process.  Can't get the flashing blue light to proceed with the dcryptor10 key process


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