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How do I get the parking lights to stay on when RS is activated and vehicle light switch is set to auto?

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Hello Support, I completed a remote start on a 2014 Lexus LS460. The parking lights turn on when the RS is activated but only when the vehicle's light switch is set to off. If the light switch is set to auto the parking lights do not turn on with the RS active. Is there a way to leave the parking lights on auto and have them work with the RS active?
asked Dec 18, 2021 in Lexus by Dinh Doan (130 points)

1 Answer

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You may need to wire a relay to interupt the Autolights circuit during remote start. Parking lights on Toyota/lexus typically do not work when the switch is in Auto.
answered Dec 20, 2021 by Robert T (279,340 points)
Autolight wire is the ORANGE wire in Pin 19 of the headlight switch.

You can try interrupting it using the YELLOW/RED and YELLOW/GREEN of the EVO-ALL red connector. If this does not work, you will need to wire your own relay.


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