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04 Tahoe nothing works with data link from rs to evo connected

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Installed scytek a4 with evo all. Programmed based off hard wire. Connected thru data link 4 pin cord.  Worked for a while but had double lock cycles. Went in to hard wire the locks and now nothing works if the data cable is plugged in. Unplugged the data cable and the scytek functions as it should. I've tried a second evo all module, reprogrammed a couple times. Set the scytek to the fortin settings. Doesn't work whenever evo is plugged in. Please help
asked Dec 18, 2021 in Chevrolet by Christopher McRoy (130 points)

1 Answer

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Whatever datalink protocol scytek uses, the EVO datalink protocol needs to be set accordingly. You can change the EVO datalink protocols under the Datalink Protocol menu (options F1 to F3).
answered Dec 20, 2021 by Robert T (280,410 points)


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