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No keys detected during programming. Ford escape evo all harness for1 firmware 71.52

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I have evo all firmware 71.52 using thor 1. S/n: 001A07027817.  I have 2 ford original keys. and did wiring according to 34901. when pressing the programming button after putting/removing the 2 original keys. I have error no key detected. Can you please help?
asked Dec 16, 2021 in Ford by Jdelahee (170 points)

1 Answer

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With the THAR-FOR1 harness there are some connections required between the module 20-pin (A1, A10, A16,A20) and the t-harness. And two CAN-BUS connections from the EVO to the OBD2 port.
answered Dec 16, 2021 by Robert T (284,490 points)
Hi Robb, I did these connections. How can troubleshoot that
Easiest is actually to try the 1 key programming method with dcryptor instead of the 2 key method, page 8-10. If it does not go through, let me know which step it failed at. Even though it doesnt say it, at step 6, take the key out completely.
I reprogrammed again (same settings with 2 keys and it now working. May be I didn't flashed it properly the first time.

I spoke too fast. Now I have a differnt issue. after I tested start /stop, I tried later after 30 mins. It stopped working. My workaround is to remove and put back the black connector. It would then work straight away, but won't work I retried 1 hr after.

What can be the issue?