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2016 Impreza DCRYPTOR Programming Procedure not working

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2016 Subaru Impreza, Thar-One-Sub1 Standard key. Auto Transmission

All programming and firmweare updates appear to be correct.  When doing the DCRYPTOR Programming Procedure at step 5 the lights do not blink.  Red and Blue remain solid.
asked Dec 8, 2021 in Subaru by Jason Yanik (130 points)

1 Answer

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What is the S/n number on the back of the unit?
answered Dec 9, 2021 by derek ! (284,770 points)
The firmware in your module is correct for the vehicle.

Please try the following test to see if you are able to program just can bus:


- hold prog button down

- plug in power

- let go of button on blue led

- plug in remaining connectors

- turn ignition on

- what does the blue led do?
The blue led goes out when the car is started.  comes back on when turned off.

I should also ask, If I'm using only the remote start with 3X, do I need to connect any additional wires aside from the T_harness?
Yes, you need to connect all the wires in the installation guide.


I'm guessing that the fact those wires arent connected is your issue:


OK Thank You.  Are there any minimum set-ups?  Would I get by with just the CAN High and Low? Or does every single wire in this diagram need to be connected?
horn and parking lights are optional.


Everything else is mandatory.