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2016 Ram 1500 Blue Light won't come on

0 votes
I am stuck at programming part for Ram 1500 Diesel. I am using THAR-CHR7 harness. At Step 7 where blue light is supposed to turn on, it never happens and only red light is lit. Checked all connections, reprogrammed it as well still nothing, I have Tip Key
asked Dec 5, 2021 in Ram by Kashif Mazhar (130 points)
edited Dec 5, 2021 by Kashif Mazhar

1 Answer

0 votes
The issue you are describing is normally due to no ignition being present on the yellow (A1) ignition wire on the evo-all. I would test this wire.
answered Dec 6, 2021 by derek (270,070 points)


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