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lock unlock disarm and arm 2006 odyssey

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i do not understand were this wires are located anyone has pictures?
asked Nov 9, 2013 in Honda by adi adi (260 points)

1 Answer

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Arm and Disarm are located in the driver door. You will have to take apart your door panel to access it. The only way to test these wires is to turn the key in the doors key hole to lock and unlock.


Lock and unlock are found in the passenger kick panel or at the MICA (multiplex intergrated central unit). The mica is part of the driver side relay/fuse box. There are 2 plugs on the side of that fuse box. Test the wires using passenger door lock/unlock switch.

answered Nov 11, 2013 by Robb (262,210 points)
i tried all this steps and once i connected the wires the device start smoking and had to order another.  i was wondering who has done this on this car mabe they have  exact answer .

i will try the keyhole need take door out and was trying not to do that.
If your device started smoking, you definately did not have the right wires. A multimeter is your friend here.
i have an evoall but the **** locked me out i pay for 2 cars and didnt save the info
what vehicles is this for?
i buy for a 2014 nissan and found out dosent need one  my honda 2006 i buy a honda sl3  and keep getting issues installing the wire is to complex.    found on anohter **** the unlock and lock is behing glovebox blue plug..  but nobody has a arm and disarm   found it in the door but i cant run a wire unless i drill the door.

You don't need to connect ARM and DISARM to the EVO-ALL, nor do you have to connect it to the remote starter.


Look at the EVO-ALL install guide: EVO-ALL & Honda/Acura - Revision 20131031 (connection 1)


The only wires from the EVO you need to connect are:

  • Yellow - Ignition
  • Lt. Blue/Black - DATA
  • White/Red & White/Green - Relay cut for security light
  • Brown - CAN SW

The dotted connections in the install go to the remote starter, not the vehicle.