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2016 Tiguan brake and accessories come on but does not turn over, cycles twice.

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All lights check out to be correct. Car turns acessories on and applies brake then nothing, then it tries it again and stops for good after that. I have a keywrap right now. Do i the the TB-VW?
asked Dec 3, 2021 in Volkswagen by Kalvin Zimmerman (160 points)
edited Dec 3, 2021 by Kalvin Zimmerman

1 Answer

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if the current install is via keywrap then you will need to make sure that all 3 brake lights light up when attempting to remote start.

if the keywrap is done properly, then the cluster should light up upon remote starting, pay attention to any messages that may appear on the instrument cluster.

The TBVW is used for the other type of installation
answered Dec 3, 2021 by JM (61,720 points)


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