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Remote Start stopped working after keyfob’s battery got replaced.

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Hi all,

My build: 2016 Mazda3 - Push to Start - Evo One - TharOneMaz3 T-harnness.

When: I installed it in 2019 and it has been working wonderfully. I use OEM key to do the Lock-Unlock-Lock combo to remote start (I chose L-U-L instead of L-L-L).

What happened: One of keyfob's battery died. I used the physical key to opened the door and pushed-started with key next to start button couple times.

Problem: Now I can only remote-start when one of the keys is in the car. When key is not in car, after remote-started, everything turned on, but no ignition. I saw the anti-theft icon was also blinking.

My guess: I guess the dead key batter somehow messed up my bypass or some settings.


Anyone ran into the same issue? Any help is much appreciated.


Thank you, all.
asked Nov 29, 2021 in Mazda by khai ly (190 points)

1 Answer

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I have not heard of this happening to anyone as of yet.


I would suggest simply re programm the evo to the vehicle. DO NOT update the firmware, simply re program the unit to the vehicle.
answered Nov 30, 2021 by derek ! (277,630 points)


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