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evostart 2 not starting with app

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hi, installed a evo one with a evostart2 car start with 3x lock. installed evostart with rfa2a ignition wire ok have power on red wire and ground on black programmed evostart several time but still doesnt work made master reset and reprogrammed still same problem. perform validation step on page 15  of the guide ignition came on and door unlocked and ignition turned off. retried still no start with app.car start with 3x lock.im in the red coverage zone and my personal car which has evostart works fine.so coverage shouldnt be an issue except if its not the same between evostart and evostart2. evostart demand firmware 1.21 minimum i have 1.25 could it be the cause or maybe something else im pretty much lost at this time since every time i programmed i got the flashing blue then the green led. like it should tried programming with the switch and the brake pedal which seemed to have work but no luck.
asked Nov 28, 2021 in Volkswagen by Jerry Martin (310 points)

1 Answer

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when you press start on the evo start 2 app, does the Antenna flash? what whats the sequence and colors ?
answered Nov 29, 2021 by Haidar Jabbar (21,370 points)
No light no nothing
if you press any function on the app and the light on evo start 2 antenna do not flash, that means your Antenna is not registered or ha problem to communicate to the network. Make sure power, ground and also the ignition wire is connected.
Power ground and ignition wire all checked and recheck. Registration seems to work everytime i do it get the blue light flashing and the green light after.it maybe a problem qith the network but my personal car that is less than 10 meter away do start with my evostart. I moved the other car like 20 to 30 km away to try it without any luck
Aside from power and ground, which is all it needs to just receive a command, if the antenna does not flash green when sending a command, it most likely not the proper activation code. Only way around that is to change the antenna.
Is there an email adress i could sent you the picture of the activation code that we would be able to comfirm im seeing the same has you.


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