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How to set EVO ONE RFK942 on Honda CRV 2015 SE ?

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Evo One with T-harness-HON3 has been installed on a Honda CRV 2015 SE automatic push to start.

The module has been flashed using the wizard: Honda CRV 2015 automatic,, push-to-start, has OEM alarm, Remote Starter only, RFK942 kit, T-HARNESS-HON3, 3x lock, then Red and Blue programming, and Dcryptor.

The yellow light on the module turns on, and 3x lock button is working fine. This setting suffices for OEM remote car starting, the only issue is that 100 feet range is too short.

I cannot pair the RFK942 kit at all, the blue led on antenna is not on, the 4x brake push does not work, the wallet button does nothing even it is plugged in.  

I need some help, please! Can be a programming issue or EVO-ONE/RF kit is not working properly?

asked Nov 28, 2021 in Honda by Constantin Antohe (130 points)

1 Answer

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once you turn the igmition on off on, is the red light beside the yellow loop on ?

the steps required to entrer programming mode:

1-unlock the car with oem remote, to awake the can bus,

2-turn the ignition on off on, then press the brake pedal 4 times.
answered Nov 29, 2021 by Haidar Jabbar (21,370 points)
Thank you, Haidar.

I will try it on this afternoon.

Can you please let me know if "Ignition ON" means:

- "full start of the engine with the foot on the brake pedal"


- "push 2 times on the Push-To-Start button to turn on the car's dashboard without pressing the brake pedal".
I have figured it out, it is the second option.

The RFK942 kit works fine now.

Thank you!


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