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Viper SmartStart with EvoOne

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I've scoured the support section here to understand how to hook up a viper smartstart module dsm550 to my EvoOne that is already installed in my 2019 Mazda 6...but I just can't seem to be comfortable with the data cable part in the guide I found. The pictures are cut off so I can't see how to modify. Is this the cable that came with the flashlink 4? How do I modify if so?  Or does the correct datalink come with the viper module? Just trying to fully understand the instructions before I purchase the module. Thank you.


Also side note...anyone here have preference to Viper SmartStart versus MyCar telematics for the USA?
asked Nov 28, 2021 in Mazda by Mathew Keehl (210 points)

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That is the guide for the dsm/vsm550, there is no modifying of the data link cable (page 4).


That is the data link cable that comes with an evo-all or you can order it on its own part # data-link fd-data
answered Nov 29, 2021 by derek ! (277,630 points)
selected Dec 7, 2021 by Mathew Keehl
No that won't work because you wont be able to plug that large white connector into the small blue connector on the evo-one.
Ok so fd-data cable has been recieved and plugged into the dsm550 harness which goes to the fortin evo-one. Grey wire was added to the ground wire. What other connections need made? Where does the red+/black- two wire harness go to? 6 pin harness from the dsm550?

I apologize as This is the first time I've had to install a cellular module to one of your t-harnesses systems. Thank you for your time as always.
Simply connect it as the guide shows above and the evo-one will power the dsm-550 through the rf port.
Thank you
I cannot get the dsm550 to connect to my remote start system or connect to the app. Everything is good on directed side as far as subscription and activation. It has to be in my evo-one somewhere.

I flashed to .83 firmware on remote start. and selected proper "rf kit"

I connected grey wire to black wire on dsm550. This harness does not plug in anywhere though.

I connected the DSM550 4 wire harness to the fd-data cable int he middle of the cable. I plugged the short side of the fd-data to the blue 4 pin on the evo next to the grey 2 pin harness. The thrid end of the fd-data is not connected.

The third harness of the dsm550 module is not connected.

So the only harness connected is the fd-data from blue port on evo to the black 4 pin on the dsm550. Nothing else is connected.

I get an amber LED slow flash on the DSM550 indicating looking for a signal. No other LED's are lit such as green but I'm not sure if thats for connection to a directed remote start or not.

Any ideas? I'm at a loss.
I get an amber LED slow flash on the DSM550 indicating looking for a signal.
It's looking for cellular network, nothing to do with the remote starter really. Nothing will work until your DSM550 is connected to their network. It also explains why it is not connecting to the app. For troubleshooting that, you need to contact Directed as it's their product. Maybe try bringing the vehcle outside a bit, it could help.
Thanks for all your help gentlemen. I found the issue in my install so it was my fault. The fd-data cable was backwards because the directed harness barely allowed me to plug the cable in the proper way so I must have flipped it around at some point. Again, sorry for wasting your time but I'm glad to have these forums here with Fortin and it's one reason I will continue to install these systems over most.


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