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2018 Subaru Outback, standard key, EVO-ALL try's to start with 3X lock, but engine doesn't turn.

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Hello, and thanks in advance for the help. I am stumpped on this one. 

I installed an Evo All in our 2018 Subaru Outback, standard key, standard installation. I connected and double checked all wires per the diagram. For the immobilizer I used the white/lt. blue wire on connector 3 instead of the white/blue wire on connector 4, becuase the wire on connector 4 did not exist. I completed the FlashLink Updater and dcryptor.

When I go to remote start (3X lock), the red led comes on, then the yellow, but it doesn't start. Then it  trys again and then the red led flashes 3 times and they all turn off. 

What am I missing or doing wrong. Below is the Connector 3 and 4 wiring option and a link to my installation guide.  

Here is the installation Guide # 71981 

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asked Nov 22, 2021 in Subaru by Chris LeBlanc (130 points)

1 Answer

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What is the S/N on the back of the evo?


If you disconnect all connectors from the evo-all except the red one and then place the head of the key against the ignition barrell does the vehicle remote start?
answered Nov 22, 2021 by derek ! (277,110 points)
Thanks for the quick response. Serial number is 001A07269805. I unplugged all connectors except the red one and held the key against the ignition barrel, the car did not start.


If the vehicle does not start like that you need to verify how the igniton switch is being powered.


That test provides the vehicle with the factory transponder (key) and then your starter powers the switch. It should start with this test.
Sorry Derek, I think I misspoke in my initial post. I'm using the evo in a standalone installation. When I said regular, I meant no T-harness. So I have no other remote starter.


Stand alone does not exist for evo-all on that vehicle.



The evo-all is not physically capable of starting that vehicle since it is high current.


2 options for this vehicle:


1- evo-one


2- evo-all and a high current remote starter
I see that now....under the installation types. Thanks. I should have read that more carefully. Kinda silly, I have an evo-all starting my 6L V8 pickup.... Logically you would think it would start a little 4 cylinder. But I understand it's the car wiring, not the Evo-All. Thanks for the help.


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