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RS Options for 3 Volksagen Vehicles??

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Hi Fortin,

So my dealer is saying its hard to purchase the thar-vw1 and vw3 harness seperate right now so I need the to purchase the combo EVO all with harness for below vehicles 1 and 2. My main questions are with the 3rd vehicle the Tourag. Can I use 2014 with PTS guide because you dont have application install guide available for 2013 PTS? Manufacturer's build date on door tag says 09/12. If so can I also use EVO-VWT1 for this application?

1. 2012 Volkswagen Golf TDI - PTS - (EVO-VWT1)

2. 2017 Volkswagen Jetta - Regular Key - (EVO-VWT3)

3. 2013 Volkswagen Tourag SEL - PTS - ( ??)
asked Nov 16, 2021 in Volkswagen by Amit Gajjar (690 points)

1 Answer

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For the 2013 pts touareg you would need the evo-audt1 NOT the evo-vwt1.

answered Nov 16, 2021 by derek ! (285,690 points)
Hi I'm sorry I meant 2013 PTS Tiguan not Tourag.
Fortin does not offer a solution for the 2013 tiguan push to start.