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When and where Fortin-SL2 V2 Blue wire connect to?

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Is this question answered by users only or also Site admin?
I just bought fortin passlock-sl2 v2 for my 2005 colorado.
per manual, i need to follow option #6.
BLUE wire - connect to remote starter while running.
1.  is that running with remote starter or running with a key?
2.  is this blue wire connect to remote starter STARTER wire or remote starter 30a output wire?
3. same as above, Where do i connect my remote starter STARTER WIRE(violet)?
4. is accessories wire required?
During programming, car won't start.
press prog button, plug, light comes on, release
turn ignition, light flashes, start/on(doesn't start)
light blink 4 time.
asked Nov 13, 2021 in Chevrolet by Fortinteller (130 points)

2 Answers

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1- connect the blue wire to the remote starter groud while running input wire.

2-it is not connected to the remote starter wire be carful you do not want to fry the module, it connects to the remote starter wire (ground while running input), every remote starter brand is different you need to look at the diagram.

3- the remote starter wire (from the remoe starter) goes to the car side (most probably ignition harness) starter wire.

flashing 4 times means you follwed option 6.

You can mention the remote starter module and the model number as well, we might able to help you.
answered Nov 14, 2021 by Haidar Jabbar (21,370 points)
you didn't answer my question.

While running - is that running with a key or remote start(keyless)

I have bulldogsecurity deluxe 500.
i had it running with PLJX (bypass module) similar to this SL2 V2 much easier to program.

i mentioned 2005 Colorado, this generation of GM/CHEVY do not have starter wire. Such as Cobalt, ION, Hummer.
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It goes to the remote starter. Since it only gets ground when the vehicle is remote started. 
The dark blue wire on the passlock sl2v2 is like the activation wire. It is a negative signal not a positive signal.  
On you remote starter you should have a wire designated "bypass activation" wire or a wire labeled "(-) when running". It would get connected to that. You will need to refer to your remote starters installation documents in order to determine which wire it is.  
answered Nov 15, 2021 by derek ! (277,630 points)

Some remote starters require that tach be programmed in order for it to even attempt to start. 

Other 3 reasons a starter would not activate:

  1. starter is in Valet mode
  2. Hood is open
  3. Brake is detected


Best would be to contact the remote start manufacturer if all else fails as they would be best at knowing their remote starter. 

so I dont think it was the bypass module from the beginning but i dont know what it is.

I have 3 remote starter.
1. working
2. Used to work
3. new

also have 3 bypass module
1. used to work PLJX
2. this fortin Sl2 new
3. XK06 - can't program

tried all the combo above.
1. RS not in valet mode, at least 1 or 2 above
2. Hood is not hooked up
3. Brake is connected.

When programmed, it blinks and flashes as it should.  When remote start, engine icon comes up no crank sound but some kind of sound in the engine bay.

I know for sure the RS works because:
1. if i start with the key and RS start and take off the key, it still run but not long.  It shuts off because of security not getting bypassed.
Keeping in mind there is only so much we can do to try and help as we are not in the car with you, at some point it may be a good option to visit a local shop.


My only other suggestion is to use Pin 4 of the OBD2 connector as a grounding point for the remote starter and the bypass module.

Thanks Robb, this is why i keep asking so i can try to eliminate reasons.

Are all RS module suppose to have 'Ground when running' wire?

at the moment, i'm try to work with this combo:

PKE Push button w/ remote start + fortin sl2 v2.

I don't think this module has that wire but i dont want to assume.  Sometime things made in China can translate to different meaning.

and oil sensor, i'm assuming that's for tach wire?

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All name brand remote starters have a Ground While Running output since it is required to "activate" the bypass module it is connected. Problkem is, nobody names it the same thing.

Ground while running, while running, status output, bypass output .... some examples.  It provides a (-) output only when the remote starter is actived.



First remote starter i see with an oil signal input.

You will have to contact the manufacturer of the remote starter to answer the question of if they have a "ground while running"


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