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2015 fusion. firmware version 4.01

0 votes
Hello. I want to install evo-all (standalone) on 2015 Fusion version 4.01 (96151). Isn't it in the manager? It says 7152
asked Nov 13, 2021 in Ford by G M (8,660 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
A miracle happened. I had the evo-all module(001A07032827), which I reflashed 3 times on Toyota and did not work. Now I have requested it for 2015 fusion (key). The manager had firmware 71.52, but the guide was 96151. And, in the diagram, the A1 wire was not connected. I connected it on the ignition switch and it all worked.
answered Nov 13, 2021 by G M (8,660 points)


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