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2010 Ford Taurus standalone no tach signal

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|nstalled EVO-ALL and THAR FOR4 into 2010 Ford Taurus standard key, standalone.  Car will start and die after 5 seconds with evo red light flashing 3x for no tach detected. Used latest firmware and have tried backdating as well. Have also tried 2 other EVO-ALL modules with no success. Using Decryptor one key method. Serial # 001A07153393.
asked Oct 31, 2021 in Ford by Micheal Unger (2,510 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Try turning on D4.


Itll put the evo-all in a tachless type of mode.
answered Nov 1, 2021 by derek ! (276,840 points)
Thank you, this did allow it to start and continue running. However, could not get run confirmation with rf kit.


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