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RFK942 not working?

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I have a Corolla 2020 Hybrid with EVO-ALL installed, till now this worked perfectly, but since the range of the factory remote is not that great and has no feedback, I decided to buy the RF kit RFK942.

I just used the flashlink manager to enable the RF kit, connected the antenna, and then followed the steps according to the manual, after pressing the buttons on the remotes (first + then lock) the red and blue lights blink to confirm, when I switch off the car all 3 leds start blinking for a while, I don't know if this is correct, it doesn't say anything like that in the manual

Whatever I do after that, nothing works anymore, it won't even start anymore with the factory remote. Lock unlock on the RF kit doesn't work either, it beeps and turns green if I press a button, but nothing happens.

I have reset the complete unit and start from scratch, same thing happens again, everything works, as soon as I learn the remotes, nothing works anymore.

Any ideas what to do??


EDIT: when I sit inside the car and I try the remote start from the RF kit or the lock, I do hear relays clicking in the EVO. The car just doesn't react to it.

Am I doing the order wrong maybe? Should I learn the remotes first, and then do the procedure before the decryptor? Whatever I do, as soon as I have learned the remotes, nothing works anymore.
asked Oct 11, 2021 in Toyota by Arjan Neet (190 points)
edited Oct 11, 2021 by Arjan Neet

1 Answer

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"when I switch off the car all 3 leds start blinking for a while, I don't know if this is correct, it doesn't say anything like that in the manual"


- Normally this means the unit is loosing power or ground, I would verify the power and ground on the black 4 pin connector when manipulating it by plugging it in and out. 


Your order is correct, in vehicle programming followed by remote pairing. 


answered Oct 12, 2021 by derek ! (284,550 points)
Wouldn't the complete unit not function anymore without ground?, The remote and the antenna work fine, they communicate with each other, and like said I even hear some relays switching inside the EVO, not sure what the relays are for and if these also switch when I use the factory remote to start.

And it is continuously the same, as soon as I learn the remotes the car won't start anymore. if I reset the unit and do not learn the remotes, it starts fine with the factory remote.

I have to reset it though, I cannot just disable the RF kit in the link manager, then the factory remote still doesn't work. So it seems as soon as the RF remotes are learned, the car won't start anymore by the EVO.

Resetting the unit by the button doesn't seem to work, so I just load another car, flash it, and then load the correct car again, do the decrypter thing etc and then everything works again. I tried same thing several times already.
What is the S/N to the unit?
I would suggest getting the vehicle to the point were 3x lock is functioning to remote start the vehicle, Dcryptor shows incomplete atm..... then call technical support when you are in the vehicle with the rf kit and flash link so fortin can go over it live on the spot.


yes I did not do the decryptor yet, yesterday evening I took the module out and have reset, today I will do the decryptor again and get it back up running, I would have to figure out the time difference then to be able to call your support
we are open mon-fri 8 am - 6 pm EST.
ok that's good, then it is still early for you guys, I will call later, thanks
well I don't get it to work at all anymore now, I tried following 3 options:

- Reset device, flash with RF kit selected, do the complete procedure (plug data when holding reset button till blue, insert rest cables, press start 2x, wait till led flashes blue, switch off), but then the leds do not flash alternating anymore, which in the manual says then it doesn't need the decryptor anymore, which is the first time, because before it did after each reset. Also nothing works.

- Reset device again, flash with RF kit, but leave it disconnected, do the complete procedure, but again, the lights do not blink when switching the car off, and again nothing works. This worked yesterday (disconnect the device, use decryptor, and after the factory remotes worked to start)

- Reset the device again, disabled the RF kit, also did not connect, did the whole procedure again, and again no leds flashing, and nothing works.

tried decryptor anyway, didn't work, tried flashing with another car to reset the device, came with a message that the device could not be flashed anymore. Does it have a limit??

(I can call of course but it is very expensive to call via mobile to Canada so I try to prepare as much as possible to keep te call time the shortest)
finally managed to reset the device again (flashed with other vehicle, and then my car again), no RF kit enabled, whole process again, ran decryptor, everything works again...

Sat in the car during remote start, and relays in the EVO sound the same, during the flashing blinkers and start cycle the relays click.

was kind of doubting to test again, but decided to give it another try, this time I only added the RF kit in the link manager, but did not connect anything yet, then first tested and everything still worked, then connected the antenna, tested again, still worked. Then disconnected data cable, and did the remote learning again (only did 1 remote this time instead of both), tested again with little hope, and....suddenly everything worked!

I have no clue why, I tested this at least 8 times before, there are only 2 things different with the last time:

- I tried first without the RF antenna disconnected instead of directly with the antenna connected

- I only learned 1 remote instead of both, for now I leave at at that, I do not need both, maybe I'll try later

I do have one question though, I bought these remotes as a kit with an EVO-ONE, since I could not find them for sale separately anywhere. I do not use the EVO ONE, nor have I ever connected any of it other than connecting the antenna to my EVO-ALL.

Could this have anything to do with it? Could it be that the antenna somehow already was 'married' to the EVO-ONE and therefor cause these problems?

I really don't understand what could have been the problem, like mentioned before, everything went exactly the same before with flashing and learning etc, also the evo relays seem to switch the same when using the RF remotes (not with the factory remote though), just nothing happened on my car as soon as the RF kit was connected.

Anyway I'm glad it works now, but it took a long time, did not expect to have so much trouble