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Car goes off after 20 seconeds the goes on.

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I have Yukon 2005, I install on it EVO All + excalibur 70X  when I start it by remote (OEM,Excalibur additional remote or from door lock switch) a car still working for 20 seconds then goes off and automatically started again, This problems stay for 3 times then a car switched off, I make reflash a Fortin but same issue, I replace it with Excalibur 70B also same issue, I checked all wiring every thing in good condtion.

But if I start a car by Key it's working fine without any issue.

This issue suddnly happend with me started before 3 weeks from now but before it's working fine.

Car battery is new I replace it before 5 months.

There is any thing need to check it more? please I need help, also I install same devices for many cars I don't face same this issue with any car excepte my car.

Please check this issue on YouTube I uploaded a video for this issue:

asked Sep 12, 2021 in GMC by Mundher Sulaiman (140 points)

1 Answer

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Sounds like you need to program the tach signal to your excalibur. The start, run then die is a common symptom of no tach in my experience.


Check your remote starter to see if it is giving any shut down diagnostics.
answered Sep 13, 2021 by derek ! (285,690 points)
Thanks Derek for your reply, but some time a vehicle working fine and some time no, I replace Excalibur with another newone still same issue.
If you know how I can program Excalibur with tach signal please let me know that because it's new for me.
refer to the excalibur installation guide for tach learning procedure.
Thanks Derek for your support, I will check and updating you if the issue still.

Thanks a lot