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EVO-ALL won't code after cluster removed

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I have an Audi A3 2016 PTS that has an EVO-ALL V7 installed through a THAR-VW1 harness and it all woked seamless for months, with very minor glitces.

In while AC maitenance; namely the front door air actuator, I had to remove the imstruments cluster to have more room to work. It was a major pain, but I got it done.

Then I decided to check for a newer suggested firmware of my EVO-ALL and found v64.09, from v64.05 I was currently using.

The Cluster removal happened early in my project and only about 7 hours later the car was all reassembebled with some with some expected DTCs present, that were easily cleared to 0 DTC. When installed, the cluster was 100% operaciotnal, as everything else in the car - I only had to ajust it's clock .

But EVO-ALL was dead.

I came to the conclusion that the unit was not programmed any more in the car, so Idecided to try re-programming it all over again, but it keeps on failling on step 13: The LEDs keep flashing in 5x groups.

Installation manual used  with RLINK: https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/82471/evo-all_ig_reg_bi_aud-a3-s3_2015-2016_pts_tb_a_82471.pdf

And this troubleeshooting guide says this is Cluster Protection Mode.


I don't see any issues or error message in he cluster, or in the infotaiment system.

I already left the car with the battery ON for 20+ minutes, but the issue persists.

I tried flashing back the version I had before, and also a master reset, but the 5x RED is always the final result.

How can I fix this situation??


Can I get a hand please?

asked Sep 7, 2021 in Audi by Cleber Baldan (230 points)
edited Sep 7, 2021 by Cleber Baldan

1 Answer

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The Evo-All does not need to be constantly updated like a cellphone or computer.


5x red led flash is the diagnostic flash for the vehicle's cluster is in protection mode. leave IGNITION on for 15 minutes to unlock it. (battery charger on vehicle highly recommended)  Vehicle needs to be able to start normally before any reprogramming is attempted


Please send the 12 character service number of the evo module here.
answered Sep 7, 2021 by JM (61,760 points)

S/N 001A07100104

I've driven the car mulitple time more than 15 minutes but still no dice.

I'll probably drive it one week or longer before attempting coding again.

But for the record, the car is running great, no error at all in the cluster or DTC codes. I do have an ODB2 dongle and I erased all errors that showed up after I removed the cluster and the driver knee airbag to fix the A/C.

The reason I updated the EVO-ALL was because every now and then when I remote started the car it would not start one of the heaters - air, seat or both, sometimes the rear window defroster would not turn, and rarely but still sometimes, it would turn off the engine when a door was open.

I was hoping a new version of the firmware would fix these issues.

The reason I updated the EVO-ALL was because every now and then when I remote started the car it would not start one of the heaters - air, seat or both, sometimes the rear window defroster would not turn, and rarely but still sometimes, it would turn off the engine when a door was open.

that's normally because the vehicle might be recognizing the tb-vw as its own user. Similar to memory seats for driver 1 driver 2 etc.. the vehicle will store presets dependind on who is driving is (identified by the key that started the car).  All that needs to be done, is while the vehicle is remote started (without any other key in the car), set all your HVAC settings to what you want the car to memorize for that key (the tb-vw). 

Also, and most importantly, option A5 needs to be OFF for it to be automatic. Keep in mind, having it automatic will mean it turns on even in the summer. Not suggested. 



Thanks Robb.

I'll try that, once I get the EVO-ALL working again I'll configure it and leave the settings as you suggested.

Although I'd like to add that my car does not have driver profiles, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

One thing I noted is that after I updated the firmware in my EVO-ALL it increased the number of programmed cars from 1 to 2.

Is that expected?


Not sure what you mean by programmed cars. The flash link only shows the # of flashes done to a module. Unless you mean programmed keys (in the car)? If so, the module may take a key slot since it learns to the car as key.

Yes Robb, you are right.
I was talking about the Flash Limit, I passed my eyes over that too fast the last time and thought that was the number of cars the device has been linked to.

I still need help though.


I have driven the car for hours this past week; it doesn't have any errors up in the dashboard when the ignition is in the ON position, when car is started or when I'm driving.

I just tried to program my EVO-ALL in the car and I'm still seeing the same issue: red led is blinking 5x.

I recorded this video: https://youtu.be/5-3mz_rpk2Q


Just to support my pledge, I took a screenshot of the OBDEleven Faults screen for the Dashboard in my car, no errors and CP is not active.

17822263584985581638" style="width: 331px; height: 588px;">

I'd like to get the remote starter installed in the car soon, "winter is coming".

What's the next step to troubleshoot that red Led?
5x flash is 100% the module not able to access the cluster.  Here is my suggestion.


1: RESET the module

2: Reprogramme the 64.06 firmware (the original firmware you were at)

3: Set the necessary options.

4: Leave ignition ON without the car actually started for 15 minutes (put a timer for 17 mins). If you have a battery charge, leave the charger on it during that time

5: once your 15 minutes is over, shut the car off, the restart it and let it run a minute.

6: shut the car down and start your programming.


If you have any other aftermarket dongles plugged into the obd, disconnect them.