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2018 odyssey bcm location

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Can't find BCM location for 2018 odyssey. Guideline point to steering area but nothing there. Please help.
asked Sep 4, 2021 in Honda by akm (710 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
its at the Upper left of the dash, please refer to this guide for installation and location.

answered Sep 5, 2021 by Haidar Jabbar (21,370 points)

There is nothing under left dash. I opened completely left area and can't find anything mentioned on guide. Can you post clear picture if you have done similar please.

The key word is, UPPER left of dash. 

Hi Robb,

I opened the whole left section (upper and lower). Honestly it is not located there at all. Would you guys post a clear picutre where BCM is located. Does it require removal of odometer?

It's above the fuse box, left of steering column. Connectors will be facing towards you.


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Thanks Robb. Can i get image you posted. It seems showing words like below:

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2nd attempt

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If it still fails, use this link: https://www.wirecolor.com/en/qa/105083/2018-odyssey-bcm-location

If using mobile, you will have to chose "view desktop website" in your browser settings.

Got it, thanks.


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