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2020 corolla hybrid start wire & override switch

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Today I installed the EVO ALL in my 2020 Toyota Corolla GR Sport Hybrid, unfortunately the hybrid start wire was too short because I wanted to mount the module all the way on the left behind the cover for easy access. However upon testing all still seemed to work (blower goes on, which for me is the most important, both in winter and in summer). My question is what exactly does this wire? I can simply extend the wire, but I feel a bit hesitant cutting and soldering the original wire (it is very thin, so I don't want to use a splice connector).

I guess this is for the car to be able to start if the battery becomes low because of the blower (and lights and radio) going on?

Also was wondering what the override switch does, suppose only as an emergency for when the EVO for some reason fails?

There are a lot of spare wires, from the big white connector they seem spare I/O, but from the smaller white connector there are 2 orange wires which don't appear in the instructions. Wish the instructions explained all the connections a bit more.
asked Aug 28, 2021 in Toyota by Arjan Neet (190 points)

2 Answers

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The START wire is not optional in this installation, this it the wire that let's the remote starter start the Gas engine of the vehicle. Please connect this wire or you risk depleting the vehicle's main battery.
answered Aug 30, 2021 by JM (61,720 points)
Thanks, connected it today and all seems to work now
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The vehicle specific guides show required connections for a 100% functional remote start. It will not show the other wiring.

The generic guides have some info on the ins and output.

The ones labeled "Bypass config" are firmware dependant. Meaning, their function depends on the car it's installed in.
answered Aug 30, 2021 by Robert T (280,210 points)

thanks but I have an EVO ALL, not an EVO ONE. I did not mean the bypass config wires, I was wondering what the included override switch is supposed to do and where it should be connected. I left it unconnected for the moment.13457260100745508343" style="width: 448px; height: 267px;">

That is the optional "valet switch" on the 2 wires of the switch, on wire goes to ground and the other wire to the dark blue wire on the 20 pin connector (hood switch in Standalone mode)


It is not required for remote starting but gives you control over preventing remote starting with the switch in the "on" position.
ok thanks, that wasn't clear. All ok then :-)


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