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2015 Toyota Tacoma EVO-One, parking lights always on when running, and stay on after time out.

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I have the EVO-One wired in with RFK942 RF Kit and everything functions, but I have three issues.

First the parking lights are always on when running. Is there a way to fix that?

Second, when the remote start times out the parking lights did stay on until the drivers door was opened, so  I wired the blue wire to the door pin switch wire Green w/ yellow, and programmed Option 32 mode 3. Now the door open dash light is on all the time, acting like a dead short insted of pulsing. Did I program this wrong? I was following the advice of two other posts I found.

Three, the lights never flash when I lock or unluck the doors. Any idea why?

Please advise, thanks.
asked Aug 21, 2021 in Toyota by JEREMY ABBOTT (230 points)

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Hello Jeremy


- When you say "parking lights are always on when running", do you mean remote started or started with the key? Check the lighting switch to make sure it wasn't bumped by accident.

- 32.3 should work for pulsing after shut down. If when you connect the wire the door indicator in the dash always shows "open" I would double check the grounding point of the evo-one module. A poor ground can cause the evo to look for a good ground through another circuit/wire.

- If parking lights were connected they should be flashing when locking/unlocking with the RF kit. If you hook the wire up to the vehicle and parking lights are just staying on all the time then I would imagine the module has a bad ground or the module has been damaged during the installation process.


Best Regards.
answered Aug 23, 2021 by derek ! (276,840 points)
selected Sep 18, 2021 by JEREMY ABBOTT
Thanks for the help. The ground was fine.The module was damaged at some point. I suspect it was damaged when a poplock for the tailgate was installed several weeks ago. This was causing the the parking lights to remain on after take over as well as when the truck was started normally. The dark blue wire used to pulse the door pin wire was also not functioning properly. Replacing the module fixed this.


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