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EVO-ONE RFK912 not work with honda crv 2018

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hello sir my car is honda crv 2018 ihave evo-one device  & all programing with oem remote done & worked good but whin i add rfk912 & programed the key with antenna the remote send & receive the order with green color but no action on the car not open or close the doors or start engine

are there any options must be open it on evo -one

my c/n 002b04010412
asked Aug 11, 2021 in Honda by mohamed sayed (300 points)

1 Answer

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Page 2 has the remote programming options




  1. Turn ignition ON - OFF -ON
  2. Press and Release the brake 4 times
  3. Antenna should be flashing blue rapidly at this point
  4. Press and hold the Remote button for about 12 secs (the remote led wil lturn on solid blue)


2 tips..

  • press unlock on the oem remote before starting the remote programming procedure
  • make sure the antenna is plugged into the blue port of the EVO-ONE


answered Aug 11, 2021 by Robert T (284,630 points)
now i tried your programming but also rf kit not work & now also oem remote not working i made many time programming & dycrptor for device & while i try by oem remote the lights make flash for 3 time without start engine , is there any method to rest my device?
Follow the reset procedure found here to start programming from scratch..



Reprogram the module to the vehicle and redo the dcryptor again.

once that is done, make sure everything works from the oem first.


Once confirmed that it works from the oem, repeat the steps mentionned above to program the remotes.
Thanks for your support , you sent to me pdf for evo-all can i use this method for evo-one or there is another method.
Yes, same thing for the bypass reset between evo-all and evo-one
I made master reset for module but still the same problem , when made 3x lock module lights blue 3 times & the car made sound like will start engine but not starting or try to start

the problem appears after add rf kit & when i removed it the problem still availavle
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