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2010 ram 2500 6.7 turbo diesel. intermittantly mis starting.

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i have the evo-all chrt 4 T harness have it flashed with the newest firmwhere and followed the instructions on splicing the yellow wires together and plugging everything in. the first time i used it it worked flawlessly.

but now every once and awhile after sitting like when i get out of work,  and trigger the remote start,  it keep hitting the starter,  like it will crank the engine half a turn and stop,  then hit the starter again,  and again, and again,  and then finally crank the enigne over and start.  I am afraid this is going to damage the starter.

is this possibly a bad module or flash...  i hooked it back up to my pc and all settings are correct.
asked Aug 4, 2021 in Dodge by danielfletcher0331@gmail.com (210 points)

1 Answer

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What is the S/N to the evo? This is located on the back of the unit itself.
answered Aug 5, 2021 by derek ! (277,310 points)
selected Aug 7, 2021 by danielfletcher0331@gmail.com

The S/N number of the unit is: 001a07151438

also here is a video of the propblem it self so you can understand better.


Do you have access to a flash link updater?
Yes I do.
Try rolling the firmware back one version, then re program the unit to the truck and see what that does.

If it still has the issue please enable option d1.11 and then re test in the vehicle.
How would I roll back the firmware? Is it an easy option on the program?
In pro mode, click on "view other firmware" then simply select the one below the current version.


To change the option simply scroll down to option D. Then click it to expand it and turn ON D1.11.


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