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2002 avalanche evo one lock/unlock

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i have just purchased an evo one system and will be installing soon. i understand that it will remote start via lock, lock, lock from factory fob. if i want to add a rf kit at some point, do i need to wire the evo system to the door locks?
asked Jul 28 in Chevrolet by robert rogers (160 points)

1 Answer

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"i understand that it will remote start via lock, lock, lock from factory fob"

- No it will not. 3x lock is not listed as a supported feature for this vehicle. https://fortin.ca/en/vehicles/chevrolet/avalanche/2002-standard-key


RF kit is required. Good news is NO you won't need to connect to the door lock wires, its done through data on the J1850 wire. 

answered Jul 28 by Derek (227,350 points)
i finally got the evo one programmed thanks to tech support. it was getting close to closing time and its a friday so im hoping you might can help over the weekend. i cant seem to get the unit to lock/unlock the truck. the programming issue was a weak truck battery but i have charged it and even put a different battery in it. the unit will flash that it has received the signal but it wont actually unlock/lock. when i lock, the siren will beep 3 times, im guessing to signal that it didnt actually lock. any ideas as to why this would be happening? i am using the RF 441 remotes. the tech suggested possibly getting another unit and seeing
3 beeps on lock means that module is detecting a door open.

Module will detect the door status through CAN or via the analog door input (pink/black wire).

If the module is detecting a door open through CAN and all doors are closed, that typically means that there's a door trigger problem on the car. The door lock codes sent by the module will not allow lock to function if a door is registered as being open by the bcm.