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Can I get a replacement casing for my RM912?

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The adhesive holding the soft button cover to the casing is oozing out of the seam and the cover is beginning to flap way from the casing body. This is going to compromise the water/dirt/dust resistance for the remote, aside from making the remote a sticky mess.
Also, one of the 2 screws has come out and is lost.
I was hoping to replace the casing only, as the electronic guts of the remote work just fine.
Any assistance?
asked Jul 17 in RF-Kits by Brian Conner (130 points)

1 Answer

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I would suggest first contacting your original point of pruchase to see fi they sell casings.


If not you can try contacting an authorized distributor or reseller listed here: https://fortin.ca/en/distributors/
answered Jul 20 by Derek (227,350 points)