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2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid (EURO) H-key

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I'm trying to install the Evo One on a non supported vehicle. I assume all risk here.

I'm using the default configuration for the North America Yaris with the only change being Hybrid Mode D4 enabled. Programming is successful (flashing blue with key turn). When I try to start the vehicle with three pushes of the OEM lock, I get as far as accessory, but not the final ready light, so the final step "start" isn't happening. If I put the key in and turn all the way myself, everything comes on as expected.

I'm using: EVO-One w/harness. I did not cut the TPMS wire yet (waiting to see if this works). The only difference I see so far is that the ignition connector on this model is black, not green like the instructions. No errors are reporting and system shuts down as expected with a single flash of parking lights.

Are there other settings (besides D4) that need to be changed to accommodate for this being a hybrid? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

SN: 002B04175604
asked Jul 12 in Toyota by Francis D\'Anna (190 points)

1 Answer

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Hybrid vehicles will normally have a "start" wire that needs to be connected that allows ti to go to ready. Unfortunatly I do not have that info for the euro model.
answered Jul 12 by Derek (227,910 points)
Fair enough. Let's say I can figure out which wire that is (presumably with a multimeter at the ignition harness) what would need to happen? It's very similar to the PriusC which also has a key start (not push button).
my mistake i thought the vehicle was a push button start. that comment doesnt not apply in a key start.

If you place the key in the barrell and try to remote start it, does the vehicle go to "ready mode"?
Well, I learned two things:

1) the remote buttons are deactivated when the key is in the ignition

2) it does go to "ready" if I insert the key immediately after the 3 button press.

I guess that means it's not really learning to bypass the immobilizer :-(

Any other programming procedures I could try? Does trying other toyota profiles (specifically the euro ones) make any sense? The wiring is perfect apparently since it does start the car.
Make sure you are using a master key when programming and not a valet key.

Unfortunatly I have no information for the vehicle in question.

Turning off option A3-key bypass and sacrificing a key may be something youll have to look into.