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2018 Ford Transit xlt 350 3.5L eco boost not programming Evo One Thar for4

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Evo One Serial Number: 002B04167899   Tried with D2 Off.

made all connections to Wiring except parking lights.

My Transit passegener van does not have the immobilizer.  (Did not use A or B T harness)

using a switch for the hood pin that is grounded when in the On position.

Followed the no immobilizer programming. the 6 pin connector has red and black connected. When programming i insert the key and blue light flashes rapidly, and when the key is placed in the OFF position the Blue light continues flasing Blue rapidly and does not turn off like it says it would in the instructions.

i tried the immobilizer set up but the 4 pin connector does not power the evo one.

Need Assistance please.
asked Jul 11 in Ford by Walter Gonzalez (220 points)

1 Answer

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What is connected to the yellow wire on the 20 pin connector of the evo-one?


You could also try performing a master reset on the unit, see if that changes the results. https://fortin.ca/en/download/61931/61931.pdf

The reset procedure between evo-all and evo-one is the same.
answered Jul 12 by Derek (227,350 points)
Thank you for the reply. The yellow wire (A1) is connected to purple/yellow wire from t harness.
If you put a multi meter on the yellow wire, what does it do when the key is turned off?


Also did you try the master reset procedure linked above?

the yellow wire in 20 pin connector has 12 volts when the key is inserted into ignition and when the key is turned to ACC/ON. when the key is removed the voltage goes away.

I did the reset on the module and will try to program again right now. i reloaded A11 Off after the reset. following Guide #72581 as written. I did not connect parking lights but i still have the 31 function mode 4 on as written.

Thank you for your time.

i tried the re program. when i turn the key to ACC/ On it flashes blue rapidly and then i turn the key to OFF and the blue light continues to flash rapidly. I remove the key and the module 3 lights turn off.

When i go to start the care the amber on the module is solid amber on.

if i have the car off key removed and i press the lock button or unlock button no lights flash on the module.
The module sounds like it has programmed properly according to your description.


Your issue seems to be you are trying to remote start it using the OEM remote. Fortin does not offer this feature on the 2018 transit, as stated on the website an rf kit is required: https://fortin.ca/en/vehicles/ford/transit/2018-standard-key/

Thank you very much! I ordered the rf kit.

Two more questions please, once I install rf kit I'm assuming remote start will work without out having to change any options?

and how do I get the alarm to function on Evo one with rf kit installed. I do not have an oem alarm and would like to use Evo one with a shock sensor. Thank you for your help.


Walter Gonzalez
You may have to change options since for the alarm you must enabled option 14 in the remote starter of the evo-one, then connect the horn and light outputs from the evo to the vehicle so you can see and hear when it goes off. The shoskc sensor will just plug into the evo then you dial in the sensitivity.