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On bypass programming options, should I choose oem remote or aftermarket?

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I am using the EVO-ALL as an immobilizer bypass for a 2010 Enclave CXL (that does have factory remote start) to install an aftermarket PKE system (ikey-premier from digital guard dawg. Which programming option do I choose for the bypass? The OEM remote start option or the aftermarket rfid option? I specifically ask because I don't see their key fob listed in the rfid compatibility, but I'm using the bypass for an aftermarket system, NOT the OEM remote. Should I still choose OEM? Alternatively, is it possible that their rf key could be compatible even though it isn't listed?
asked Jul 3 in Buick by Michael Watson (130 points)

1 Answer

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For an install such as this I would suggest not using the wizard mode as it will not be able to set it up the way you want.


I would switch to pro mode (click gear in upper right hand corner of the flm program and click "go to pro mode"), Then select the appropriate data link protocol (if applicable) and enable option A1 through A11 & C1. All other options should be left in there default position.
answered Jul 5 by Derek (227,350 points)