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2011 Wrangler 3X Lock remote start with evo All with add on locks

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i have a 2011 Jeep Wrangler I put in add on locks with remotes kit and want to install Evo All

3x lock remote start. I have a PAC TR-7 universal trigger output module to use but

not sure how to get it to all work. I have universal RF crime stoppers remote kit for evo All that I am adding to the evo All.

What wiring setup chart should I use?



asked Jun 23 in Jeep by Steve Floyd (1,960 points)

1 Answer

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Evo-CHRT5 and flash link updater would be the 2 parts.

As long as the vehicle is automatic transmission, you would follow the stand alone installation and connect the tr-7 trigger to the yellow/black trigger on the evo.

When yellow/black is grounded the vehicle will remote start, when ground is removed it will shut down.




You will probably also need to connect the purple and purple/white from the evo to the lock and unlock wires of the aftermarket keyless entry unit youve already installed.
answered Jun 23 by Derek (227,910 points)