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Being able to add an rf kit and Parking Light t Harness

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Im looking at adding a parking light t harness for my 2018 Ford Focus I found a parking t harness but the end of the Blue connetor that that plugs into the Evo- one is being currently occupied by my rf kit. Im wanting to add my rf kit and my Parking light t harness could i get a spliter that would be male to the Evo and split to two female ends allowing me to plug in the rf kit and the parking light harness. Finally in the end would i just need to get the evo all?

asked Jun 21 in Ford by Alex Choate (420 points)

1 Answer

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Parking lights are done using the large white wire on the main 6 pin connector and enabling option 31.4 in the evo-one rs settings. There is no harness for connecting them, its a wired connection.


You will also need diodes and a inline fuse if you wish to connect them (page.3).


answered Jun 21 by Derek (227,350 points)