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Ford Focus 2017 No flashing blue light on initial step to program

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I was sent an EVO all that was preprogrammed.  During first attempt, something went wrong, and I think by whole unit had the programming erased.  I bought my own Flash Link updater, and loaded the settings based on standard questions.  I believe I have everything right, but when I take the module to the car and hold down the program button and plug in the data cable, I only get the solid red light.  No alternating blue, yellow, red. I did get them on my first attempt, but not after my reprogram.


Can anyone help?
asked Jun 17 in Ford by Bill Hagerty (180 points)

1 Answer

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Follows this link to correct the solid red led issue: https://www.wirecolor.com/en/qa/92073/faq-red-led-stuck-on?show=92073#q92073
answered Jun 18 by Derek (227,350 points)
selected Jun 18 by Bill Hagerty
this helped me. I did have an additional problem, at the end I had both blue and red flash 10x at the same time, so I thought I did something wrong, because my dash said No Key Detected.  So a couple times I restarted too early, when I found out I should let it go a few more seconds to finish the programming.  It worked, when the car started and turned off by itself.


Thank you so much for your comment and reply.  Good day Derek!