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dcriptor on 2012 LC200

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Hello. Weeks ago I wanted to install a standalone on the 2017 LC200. After programming the module to car, red and yellow blinked. Then I installed the second module and again the same ... Then I read the instructions to the end and used the decryptor (before this was not in the instructions). Today I wanted to install that (stitched) module for 2012 LC200. After programming on the car, red and yellow again ... but, the decryptor did not help (I installed another module). Now on this module I made a master reset. Will he (001А07032828) go to another car or what happened to him?
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asked May 31 in Toyota by G M (5,850 points) 1 flag
closed May 31 by Robb

1 Answer

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Any PTS toyota/lexus will require dcryptor when using firmware 79.66+
answered May 31 by Robb (262,210 points)
And, in this position, can use another firmware?
Yes, on this module (001A07032828) a decryptor was needed, but this decryptor did not reach the end ... And, this module (001A07147590) worked without a decryptor.
Use 79.65 for now. If you use 79.66 withtout actually going through the dcryptor, the module will never finalize programming since dcryptor was not done.