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Linkr lt2 and rfk411 at same time on evo one

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Hello and greetings,

I have succesfully installed evo one and link lt2 on 2015 nissan sentra standard key. 3x lock works to start and shut down remotely. Linkr lt2 and all the associated functions work as they should. Evo one alarm with siren works fine with shock and glass break working well. I am trying to add rfk411 to the system and am having no luck. I have wired in in a 1 amp diode, band facing remote, on the white wire of the second plug(black) on the linkr harness but cannot program the rfk411 sucessfully, Followed the procedure, all lights etc. working as guide shows they should but no functionality after programming. Also, with rfk411 plugged in, I lose the start, stop, lock, and unlock fubctions of the linkr. I;ve also tried programming the rfk411 to the evo one without linkr in the mix and have nuccess.

Please advise.

asked May 30, 2021 in Nissan by James Wilson (130 points)

1 Answer

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Mixing both brands will not work as it's a limitation of the MyCar device itself
answered May 31, 2021 by Robert T (279,790 points)
Thank you Robb. Does Fortin have plans to add this functionality in the near furure?
That's a question for the MyCar/Carlink manufacturer though. We already looked at what the problem was to see if anything could be done on our end without affecting our own telematics and rf-kits (which can be used simultaneously).


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